Raam Shankar, Equitus
Raam Shankar, Equitus
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Why successful digital transformation across the value-chain requires the right people

Having touched on digital transformation across the value-chain, Raam Shankar discusses the important role people play in his latest column for global industry publication The Manufacturer. 

The Equitus Founder and CEO says ‘everything starts and ends with one thing – people’.

He goes on to say: “When faced with a problem people fundamentally do one of two things. 

“Sweep them under the carpet and pass a growing snowball of a problem on. Or show willingness to tackle the problem and solve it. 

“The latter have a dramatic effect on the success of the products we manufacture. 

“The former simply isn’t acceptable and leaves others with mountains to climb. 

“Whether in-house, upstream, downstream, ‘the right people’ are needed across the entire value-chain. 

“I define ‘right people’ as those with a motivation to grow and a willingness to solve problems that arise. 

“For me, it starts with attitude rather than technical skills. As a good attitude reflects a desire to learn.”

Here is the full column