News by Raam Shanker

Capturing the value of digital across the entire manufacturing chain

“For the entire manufacturing ecosystem to thrive rather than survive”, says Equitus Founder Raam Shankar in his latest column for The Manufacturer, “commitment to digital must be absolute”.

Raam goes on to say: “When thinking about the role digitisation can play in our value chain I often imagine a drag race. 

“I ponder the alignment of people, culture and process required from the moment plans for the car are forged to that split second when it crosses the finish line. 

“I think about how no amount of nitrous will secure that vehicle – and the whole team behind it if it is not aligned in the right direction. Before pressing the nitro button, the car must face the right direction.

“Similarly, no amount of digital will help organisations if their people, culture and processes are not aligned in the right direction to begin with.”

Here is the full column